Company Profile-

IAR as an organisation goes beyond manufacturing and business activities. We actively fosters and promotes research and development in several areas of technology with focus on innovation, practicality and humanitarian principles. IAR also encourages dissemination of knowledge and has been instrumental in teaching students from India and abroad.

IAR's efforts have been driven by zeal to

  • Use eco-friendly sustainable and User-conscious techniques
  • Adopt cost effective, simple and practical ideas using local resources
  • Reduce global demand on fossil fuels and other natural resources
  • Promote business with humanatarian approach
  • Develop and encourage new technology to improve the quality of life
  • Take up knowledge as a universal concept beyond nationality and others boundaries
  • Assist the nation and the world by blending technology with human needs for the welfare of all

Our current activities include

  • Innovative, internationally acknowledged technology in ball screw and miniature ball screw for varied application ranging from heavy industry to critical medical equipment
  • Award winning concept of skid roller to facilitate movement of heavy equipment
  • Path breaking research in nano technolgy with focus on medical applications and life sciences
  • Advance research in harnessing solar energy for applications requiring elevated temperature