Director's Profile-

Mr Mujumdar is the Founder of the Institute of Applied Research and the Managing Director of the company. He has immense experience in the field of precision manufacturing. In the year 1980, he started the Company and since then, under his aegis, the company has only continued to grow and scale new peaks.

A man with a flair for entreprenuership and an abundance of benevolence, he believes in contributing to the society in every which way he can. His philantrophy and devotion to humanity make him the very essence of altruism. His conviction that the purpose of technology and corporations should be the upliftment of mankind has ensured that the Company has initiated many programs and drives for the welfare of the community. The company, under him, actively encourages students all over the world to undertake industrial projects with them, thus enhancing their education.

A champion of environmental causes, he has made steady efforts to employ eco-sustainable techniques. From reducing Carbon foot-print to employing environ-safe raw material, he has always strived to enhance the eco-friendliness of the Company. Mr Mujumdar embodies the rare combination of an Entrepreneur , a Technologist and a Humanitarian. He continues to inspire all with his work and vision.