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If you’ve looked yonder in the sky and wondered at the lightening speed and weightless flight of airplanes, you ought to know that a ball screw is at the heart of the systems that keep them aloft. A ball screw, in addition to providing the inherent efficiency that saves weight and power, also provides fast response. It provides high mechanical efficiency; some three times the efficiency of conventional screws while maintaining the exceptional system stiffness required for these applications.


Laboratory and Mecial applications demand high reliability and precise repeatable movement while having restrictions on size and limitations on noise. For this reason ball screw – has an outstanding record for meeting instrumentation requirements and providing effective solutions desired by many designers. ball screws have been successful in medical instrumentation such as the pump for a blood separation device used in cardiac surgery; movement of a sample rack in an automated lab sample analyser; and an axial pump used for blood movement through a dialyser.


ROBOTICS High quality machine tools, such as industrial robots, vibrate and make noise during fast feeding and heavy load conditions. Our ball screws counter this by the virtue of their return system, balltrack designs, assembly technique and careful control of surface finish and dimensions. Using it not only ensures smooth and quiet operation but also smoother tool motion.


Ball screws are at the centre of steering devices in a vehicle. A portion of a wheel steering shaft is provided with the screw shaft, and a plurality of balls are disposed in a rolling way defined between a thread groove formed in the outer periphery of the screw shaft and a thread groove formed in the inner periphery of the nut. So the next time you negotiate a particularly difficult bend, you have the humble ball screw to thank for.r.