Our Management-

Mr.UMESH.M.S. is the Commercial Officer. He deals with the official. Correspondence with customers, enquiries related to products and shipment, dispatch information, quotation & purchase orders are seen to by him. He is also responsible for the record of documents such as P.O., O.A., and Job-Cards in Customer files.

Mr.SUHAS JAWALKAR is the Production Supervisor. He oversees the production activities on shop floor on day to day basis.His work sphere include maintenance of work instructions pertaining to production area, break down and preventive maintenance and records and raw material stock maintenance.

Mrs.SWATI KODILKAR is the Accounts Officer. She does the data entry of all account transactions. She is involved in the documentation of Sales tax assessments and updating work for TDS, Income Tax. She looks after all the payment; follow up for debtors’ payment a

Mr.PRAKASH JADHAV and Mr.KIRAN MULAY are from the Dept. of Development and Design. Their work entails preparation of drawings based on sketches and samples given by customers or managing partner, preparation of specification for standard hardware, bill of materials etc.and the use of standard such as DIN/IAR/IS.